Revolutionizing Youth Volleyball in America


The National Volleyball Council is a 501c3 non-profit leadership and sanctioning body dedicated to guiding the direction of youth volleyball in the United States with a focus on fostering and ensuring the highest level of integrity for the sport across the country.

All individuals and organizations that join the National Volleyball Council are expected to adhere to strong standards set forth in sportsmanship, honoring the game of volleyball, and enriching the lives of all youth who participate. Members of other sanctioning organizations such as USAV, AAU, JVA, and AVA are welcome to join the National Volleyball Council and benefit from its growing nationwide network of volleyball resources.

Members of the National Volleyball Council enjoy many benefits, including eligibility to play in NVC events and license to host NVC sanctioned events. Additionally, depending on the membership tier, NVC members will have access to:

  • Low-cost, user-friendly insurance options for players, coaches, and clubs
  • Comprehensive insurance when participating in NVC events
  • Eligibility to participate in all NVC sanctioned events across the nation
  • Codes of ethics for players, parents, coaches, and more
  • Participation Level 1, 2, and 3 Certification plus additional modules in the NVC Coach Training Program
  • Pooling of resources with like-minded volleyball organizations in the United States
  • Today’s most up-to-date guidelines for the most effective tools for coaching
  • Charts of key phrases developed over the past 30 years that richly enhance skill progression in players
  • Pointers for task-oriented, game-like competitive activities that emphasize learning by doing
  • Benchmarks for measuring player development and milestones across all skill sets, ages, and abilities
  • Comprehensive curricula for all types of camps and clinics across player skill levels
  • Proven parameters for implementing successful beginner volleyball developmental programs
  • Tried and true frameworks for running large, effective competitive league and club programs
  • Systematic procedures for offering, qualifying, and rewarding scholarships to players in need
  • Step-by-step direction and support in starting and running a highly successful youth volleyball organization
  • Much, much more!


More info?

The National Volleyball Council is currently migrating its website content to this platform. Please check back soon for more details on the organization, as well as descriptions of benefits under each membership tier.